Ren Beltran

Ren originally sought out Ashtanga yoga to help with serious back pain and stress. The practice not only reduced pain but created a greater purpose and lifestyle. After she finished her Bachelor of Science, Ren completed yoga and SUP yoga training to help others reap the benefits of practice.

After a decade of yoga and holistic healing, Ren is inspired by the deep breathing of Wim Hof, the practices of B.K.S. Iyengar, and the healing of plant medicines. Beginners can find ease in the explanations and guidance in Ren’s classes, while seasoned practitioners are challenged with creative sequencing and options for advanced poses. She incorporates tradition, nutrition, and holistic practices in her teaching. Ren teaches classes and workshops outdoors, in studios, and in private settings. Be supported on your journey and join Ren’s Colorado community that she calls hOMe.