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Gather Yoga Evergreen strives to connect the existing community and newcomers to the community through yoga practice, workshops, training and community engagement. Gather Yoga offers all levels of yoga classes and encourages each student to grow their practice and enhance mind, body and spirit.

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Yin Yoga

Sunday March 2nd 3-5 pm
$40 in advance
$55 day of 
Curious about Yin Yoga or already love it?  This 2 Hour workshop, led by Certified Yin Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Teacher & Mentor, Lauri Glenn, will dive into the science and philosophy of Yin Yoga.  We will briefly cover yin/yang philosophy, define yin and yang tissues within the body, clarify why Yin Yoga is NOT Restorative or Slow Flow Yoga, touch on the science supporting a Yin practice, explore personal obstacles to practicing Yin, and finally conclude with a relaxing and rejuvenating, Mindfulness-based Yin Yoga Practice. 
Yin Yoga is the perfect complement and missing link to our more active, engaged, “go-go-go”, “do-do-do” (aka: Yang) lifestyles.  Yin is a slow, spacious, and meditative practice that can benefit one’s daily life, sitting practice (meditation) as well as improve our Yang activities (think running, cycling, skiing, hiking, vinyasa/ashtanga etc.)  All tissue needs exercise.  Too much and we get injured.  Too little and tissues atrophy.  With Yang activities, we specifically exercise the muscles.  Yin Yoga is a practice that specifically “exercises” the dense connective tissues of the body including the fascia, joint, joint capsule, tendons, and ligaments.  By exercising these tissues in a SAFE way, we build strength, mobility and resilience.  Those tissues are then more able to support our muscles and the rest of our activities.  And contrary to popular myth, it is NOT about becoming super “bendy” nor do you need to already have a lot of flexibility to benefit greatly from this practice.  This practice has benefits for anyone, “bendy” or “bound up”.  If you’d like to experience the “Other Half of Yoga”, please join Lauri for this juicy workshop.