After a full year of urging by a college friend, Nadia took her first Bikram Yoga class on Valentines Day 2004. She was 25 years old, and didn’t think could make her sweat more than running a marathon or taking a spin class. Turns out she was wrong! That first class made her realize that when she would run long distances, she would think, sort out her life, and make plans in her head the whole time. When she practiced yoga, she had to stay PRESENT and focused throughout. She knew this was a practice she needed, and kept coming back for more. Bikram’s yoga has helped Nadia heal knee pain, sciatica, and other injuries.

Nadia Graduated from Bikram’s Spring 2009 teacher training in Palm Desert. Following Training, she traveled and taught all over the United States for a year, full time in NYC 2010-2014, part-time in Boston suburbs 2014-2018, and then part-time back in NYC…She practiced Rajashree’s pregnancy modification for Bikram’s class 3-5 times per week throughout her pregnancy in 2009. Bikram’s yoga is a powerful self-realization tool that can help us love ourselves and others more, find clarity, realize we’re much stronger and amazing than we ever dreamed possible, and get into great physical shape in the process. Nadia believes that once we learn to focus and control the mind, to look ourselves square in the eyes and truly meditate for a full 90 minutes, we can do ANYTHING we set our minds to. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this self-realization process in her students lives.